SketchUp Make vs Pro

Benefits of Pro

SketchUP Make is free and purposed for private use. SketchUp Pro is for commercial purposes and offers additional features and benefits.
Check the full comparison below:

Full Functionality
Eligible to sell the output of the Software
Eligible to rent the output of the Software
Eligible to lease the output of the Software
Technical support
Maintenance releases
Upgrades to new major versions
For commercial use
Price Free Paid
Online video tutorials and forums
3D Modeling
Solid Modeling: Union, intersect, subtract, split and trim volumes
SketchUp’s core 3D drawing tools
Access to 3rd party modeling extensions
Documentation & Presentation
Dimension and annotate scaled SketchUp models
2D vector drawing tools and titleblock templates
Create large-format, multi-page design documents
Embed 'linked' SketchUp files with real-time syncing
Present SketchUp models in live, full-screen presentations
Create scene-based animations for dynamic fly-through presentations
BIM Tools
Create data-rich BIM components
Tag geometry with industry-standard object types/classifications
IFC export/import incl. 3D geometry and metadata
Generate model reports and takeoffs
Exporting and importing
Import and Export of 3D and 2D files (DWG,DXF,3DS, JPEG, PNG & more)
Import and Export of COLLADA (DAE) and KML
Print multi-page documents on any sheet size
Print single-page views of your SketchUp model window
Generate high-quality, vector and hybrid rendered images
Advanced camera tools for planning camera placement
Create custom edge treatments for styles
(Style Builder)
Browse, create, edit, and share styles
Trimble Connect - Cloud-based storage and collaboration
3D Warehouse - Import/export components
Google Earth - Import aerial photos and terrain data